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Download Bulk Census Data

You can download all data for a given "summary level" in a state as a CSV file. These files contain comparison values for the 2000 census which take into account changes in the table layout, and for census tracts, which have been adjusted for changes in census tract geography. These CSV files are UTF-8 encoded.

Because of the volume of data, each SF1 table is a separate download. Use this form to select a state, summary level, and table.

You can also use this form to download the corresponding shapefiles which would be used to display this data on a map. The shapefiles will be downloaded directly from the Census TIGER website. For shapefiles, the "table" menu is not relevant: simply select a state and summary level. Values in the GEOID column in downloaded CSV files should match against the GEOID10 column in the shapefile data.

Download CSV Download Shapefile

If you are using a SQL database to analyze this data, you can use CREATE TABLE scripts for all 331 tables from the IRE Census GitHub website. There you can also find keys to the column header codes in CSV and JSON format.

The first several columns in each of these data files are selected values from the "geographic headers" files. For details, consult chapter 6 ("Data Dictionary") of the SF1 Technical Documentation. The remaining columns (the specific data for each table) are named according to the table name and field number. Comparative values from the 2000 census have the same column header followed by ".2000", e.g. the total population for a geography, from table P1, field 1, has a header P001001 and the 2000 comparable value is P001001.2000. Note that for convenience, each file repeats the total population count (POP100, POP100.2000) and housing unit count (HU100,HU100.2000) for the covered geography. The exact codes for these column headers are logically equivalent to those in the SF1 technical documentation, but sometimes vary by the number of padding characters.

Instead of the form, you can build your own download URLs using this simple pattern: with the following substitutions:

The two-digit State FIPS code (note this appears twice in the URL)
The three-digit summary level code.
The variable length table code, e.g. P1 or H12G

NOTE: This data is gzip-compressed. Your browser should handle this automatically, but if you are using command-line tools like curl or wget to download the data, you will need to decompress it, even though there is no .gz extension.. For example:

For complete Census Bureau Data, see: